onsdag 27 januari 2010

Posa goes to Russia.

This weekend the WC-ships in iceracing for teams are held in Krasnogorsk, Russia. We talked to Posa recently and he is going with his teammates Stefan Svensson and P-A Lindström. Together they will fight for the medals. As all of them have proven great form it is very likely they have a good chance on silver. Posa who did not make it to the WC-series this season also sees an opportunity to be where the action is and perhaps join the circuit anyhow. -"You never know what can happen in this sport", as he said, while packing his gear. Well we wish him and his colleauges the best of luck.

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  1. Hope Sweden do well, shame Posa is not in WC-series. Any links to World Ice Team results, from Krasnogorsk ?. In Praha, Czech Republic, last night was - 25 !. Ideal for Ice Racing !.