söndag 21 december 2008


8th November
This saturday at the STAR cinema the first screening of ICY RIDERS took place in Swedens motorbike town all categories, Hedemora. A small charming city in the region of Dalarna. Motorbike legends like Tony Richardsson, Hasse Holmqvist and Posa Serenius were all concieved at Hedemora hospital. Hedemora is perhaps most famous for it´s TT-races in the forties and fifties. However, first sighted were two old men(mid- eighties) almost two hours before the place opened! They said they had to be sure to get seats and that they were in no hurry. I asked them if they thought there would showing up any people. That´s exactly why we are here, they laughed. Remember, this is Hedemora son! And right they were. The lobby was packed well an hour before the film started and it was a bit chaotic. But everybody got their seats and after a short introduction we rolled the film. It was a great moment. Everybody genuiely seemed to like it. There was also a second private screening for the people involved in the film later at night in a motorhouse with a big party as well. A fantastic evening indeed!

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