onsdag 31 december 2008

Santa Cup Ice speedway event

Santa Cup is a classic event that takes place in three different cities around Christmas. Almost like the British who have their traditional boxing day football the ice speedway circuit have their Santa Cup. This year the Swedish promotors managed to get Franky Zorn from Austria together with good riders from Holland, Germany, Norway and Finland. A great opportunity for the less established Swedish riders to compete against the best(the russians excluded...). With the great help from the swedish site www.isracing.net I give you the final results from this years Santa Cup.

Top 5 riders Santa Cup 2008

1. Franz Zorn 75p
2. Stefan Svensson 66p
3. Harald Simon 53p
4. Antti Aakko 49p
5. Posa Serenius 46p

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