fredag 17 april 2009

Day 1, Preparations

As we got in the transit van and headed for the track I remember thinking how my video camera would handle the cold. If the car engines didn´t start, what about a lithium battery and a tiny electronic ccd-chip? I was soon to find out. I had never seen a icespeedway track in my entire life and I must admit that the Krasnogorsk venue was impressive. The oval track was huge and the preparations had already begun as we arrived for the registration and examinination of the bikes. Posa told me that the Russian tracks are very hard and rough to handle. The Russians just sweep the track after every 4 heats as from the other European countries where they include plowing to make the track less bumpy. Posa promised me a good show. While he and his mechanics were preparing I went outside and shot some film awating the actual competition. I had to put me as well as my camera up for the test.

Preparations at Krasnogorsk, 2005.

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