söndag 5 april 2009

Icy Riders archives

After the recording of the film ICY RIDERS ended we counted to nearly 200 hours of material. The film is 52 minutes and you don´t have to be an Einstein to realise the amount of left out scenes. We wish to give the readers some small and very short excerpts, no fancy stuff, from day one and forward. All with a complementary text. Picture it like a travel log. OK, so with that said I give you the very first pictures filmed on day one at Krasnogorsk in February 2005.

I was invited to the hotel by Posa. Lars Lönnberg, friend and initiator to the filmproject took me there. The room was cramped with battery chargers, tools and bike necessities. I had brought my sleeping bag, warm clothes and my videocam. I knew straight away this was gonna be a once in a lifetime-experience. Hotel Zenit is named after the classic camerabrand that is produced in Krasnogorsk. They hosted all the riders as it lies close to the track. Posa and his mechanics were sound asleep and outside it was freezing cold. At daybreak the Finnish, German, Dutch, Swedish and the Russian teams helped each other getting their vehicles started. This was my first encounter with what I later came to refer to as "the family-tradition". Everybody helping each other. As it was around -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees F) a lot of the engines were frozen solid. Posa and his fellow colleauges, Olsson and Ragge drew their straw to the stack when they helped the Finnish rider Antti Aakko. The Russians stuck to their own classic methods used to the cold as they are.

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