torsdag 15 januari 2009

Icy Riders goes India

Just like in a Wes Anderson movie..Icy Riders has taken the Darjeeling Limited tour and made it to the 3rd Bengaluuru International Filmfestival in India. It will be a great pleasure to hear what the Bollywood-fans have to say about, what in their eyes ,must be a very exotic film. The latest update on Posa is that he is preparing himself for the 33 consecutive WC-championships qualification race in Sanok, Poland. It is the third and last of the semifinals and right now the swedish riders Stefan Svensson and Hans-Olof Olsén are heading for the qualifications in Tagliatti, Russia. Posa reported that they had been held back by the Russian customs for over 5 hours. -It´s always the same story, he chuckled.

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