söndag 18 januari 2009

Stefan Svensson in 4th place!

Tagliatti, Russia.
Stefan Svensson came 4th after a russian troika! The sympathetic vetran Stefan Svensson is extremely well liked in Russia for his spontanious and always optimistic character. Not even a 5 hour stop in the russian customs got him out of balance. A very well deserved place for Stefan and we are looking forward to seeing him in the WC-finals. Congratulations!

These were the standings after the final 40th heat.
1. Ivan Ivanov 29 Pkt.
2. Nikolai Krasnikov 28 Pkt.
3. Daniil Ivanov 27 Pkt.
4. Stefan Svensson 22 Pkt.
5. Harald Simon 20 Pkt.

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