söndag 18 januari 2009

Tagliatti, Russia

The extremely sympathetic Swedish veteran rider Stefan Svensson came on 4th place after a standard selection of Russians! 50-years old and full of routine and skill he made it to the finals after the qualifies in Tagliatti this weekend. Stefan who is very well liked in Russia for his humoristic and optimistic manners obviously wasn´t too distracted by the 5 hour stop at the Russian border where they searched the whole van and gave the Swedish team a hard time. Congratulations Stefan! Results below...

Final standing after Heat 40:
1. Ivan Ivanov 29 Pkt.
2. Nikolai Krasnikov 28 Pkt.
3. Daniil Ivanov 27 Pkt.
4. Stefan Svensson 22 Pkt.
5. Harald Simon 20 Pkt.
6. Tommy Flyktman 17 Pkt.
7. Hans-Olov Olsén 15 Pkt.
8. Sven Holstein 14 Pkt.
9. Michail Zelepukin 13 Pkt.
10. Sergej Karachintsev 12 Pkt.
source: www.isracing.net

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