torsdag 8 januari 2009

Posa and Koij in Germany

This week Posa and his colleauge Peter Koij attended in a race outside Münich called Steingaden international. It is soon time for the semifinal-WC in Sanok, Poland and the ice riders all over Europe have busy days ahead. The results from the race in Steingaden is put together by Karina Flyktman.

1. Franky Zorn, Austria 15p
2. Günther Bauer, Germany 14p
3. Antti Aakko, Finland 13p
4. Harald Simon, Austria 11p
5. Markus Skabraut, Austria 10p
6. René Stellingverf, Holland 10p
7. Posa Serenius 8p
8. Peter Koij 8p

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