söndag 1 februari 2009

Inzell and DVD-presales

The team WC races are over and the final result look like follows. World Team Cup Final 2009 in Inzell, Austria:

1. Russia 55
Nikolai Krasnikov 26
Jounir Bazeev 19
Daniil Ivanov 10

2. Austria 46
Harald Simon 1
Markus Skabraut 11
Franz Zorn 34

3. Germany 37
Günther Bauer 32
Stefan Pletschacher 5
Florian Fürst 0

4. Sweden 31
Posa Serenius 14
Stefan Svensson 17
Per-Anders Lindström dnr

source: www.isracing.net
For those who want to look at live footage from the races, please go to this link.
The interest for Icy Riders seems to be global. Everywhere from Russia to Australia there is people who like to own a copy! We are very excited and hope that we can contribute to the spreading of the sport. The website is very visited and it is in both English and Swedish.

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