tisdag 3 februari 2009

ICY RIDERS reportage world wide

Last week a reportage about the making of the film "ICY RIDERS" was broadcasted via satellite. It is a new motorsportshow presented by the FIM-organisation. We were very impressed by the quality of the show and as it was the premiere episode we feel extra privileged to have participated. The broadcasters who aired the show was,

1. Orange Sports, France and poland
2. Cable/Satellite Sportcomm / OTE, Greece
3. Cable/Satellite, Sports TV Portugal
4. Cable/Satellite ASPN - Sport Club 2
5. Cable/Satellite Slovenia/Czech
6. Cable/Satellite Setanta Sport UK and Ireland
7. Cable/Satellite Fox Sports Australia
8. Namibian Broadcasting Corporation
9. Namibia (Sub Saharan Africa)
10.Al Jazeera Sport, Middle-east/North Africa

We sure hope that more will follow.

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