torsdag 12 februari 2009

Travels with Posa

Normally any sportsman would give up and go back home if they were to be stopped in the russian customs for a couple of hours. Especially after having driving there by car. This is perfectly normal for Posa and the other ice speedway riders. Every season involve extreme travelling. Here is this years schedule in kilometres for Posa...

27 januari: Bollnäs-Trelleborg-Sanok, Poland.
Kilometres: 1500.

1 feb: Inzell, Tyskland.

Kilometres from Sanok: 600.

2 feb: Back home to Sweden.

Kilometres from Inzell, 1300.

3 feb: Ferry from Stockholm to Finland then by car to Moscow.

Kilometres: 1200.

14 feb: Ufa, Russia.

Kilometres from Moscow: 1300.

17 feb: Via Saransk, Russia back home to Sweden.

Kilometres home from Saransk via Ufa, 3000.

7 march: Berlin Wilmersdorff, Germany

Kilometres from home to Berlin: 1000.

14 march: Assen, Holland.

Kilometres from Berlin: 400.

Finally back home to finish off the season with leauge races and the Swedish championships. Add another 1250 kilometres.... All in all it adds up to 11550 kilometres in less than 50 days! All travels are approximetaly. And remember if you think this is extraordinary... Posa has been doing this for 32 years in a row!!

Source: Gävle Dagblad

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