fredag 27 februari 2009

More races!

It is an intense period for the icespeedway followers around the world right now. In Sweden the competitions seems to be ongoing almost every day and tonite the Swedish par-championship was settled at Lungre stadium in Östersund. These are the results from tonights race which some of you surely has been following on the site where referee Tord Lundgren kept "Gaisarn" updated from his cellphone in between every 4 heats.
The teams were: Funbo MS, ÖMK Rundbana, SMK Gävle, Jämtlands MK, Bollnäs MK, Njurunda MK and Strömsunds MC.
The final score was,
Gävle 27
Posa 12
Koij 9
Bruhn 6

Övik 22+3
Stefan 17
Ledström 5

JMK 22+2
PA 15
Engenström 7

Strömsund 19
Olsen 12
Ringbert 5
Höglund 2

Bollnäs 14
Åström 10
Mats 4
Lindholm 0

Njurunda 13
Sundelin 12
Lundgren 1
Bertilsson U

Funbo 8
Nordmark 5
Palle 8

source: Tord Lundgren and "Gaisarn"

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