lördag 14 februari 2009

WC-races in UFA, Russia day 1

Breaking news from the trusted Karina Flyktman. It has been great complications during the first day in UFA. Posa had a fall in the first heat and was disqualified. He had trouble getting things together after that. Some more zero-pointers followed before he had yet another crash with Klabo. UFA is a tough track. Harald Simon broke his arm in two places and Johnny Tuinstra broke his collarbone. Posa who didn´t get any points today will most likely be riding tomorrow as both Simon and Tuinstra are out. Ice speedway is indeed a tough business. Here are todays results.
Antti Aakko
Tommy Flyktman
Jari Lehtinen
Harald Simon /not start
Ivan Ivanov
Stefan Svensson
Johnny Tuinstra
Günther Bauer
Dimitry Khomisevich
Pavel Tjaika stop
Nikolai Krasnikov
Vitaly Khomisevich
Danil Ivanov
Franky Zorn

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