lördag 7 februari 2009

Krasnogorsk Day 1

Here are the results from day one in Krasnogorsk.


Tjaika,Svensson,Lehtinen fall, Tuinstra disq./fall.
Simon,Posa,Klabo,Antti stop.
Baseev,Bauer,Dimitry Khomitsevich,Ivan Ivanov.
Krasnikov,ZORN,Danil Ivanov,Vitaly Khomitsevich disq.

Posa is best of the Swedes on tenth place. Better luck tomorrow! Stefan Svensson had a really tough fight with the russian Tjaika in the D-final. The audience was extatic according to Lars Lönnberg, on place in Krasnogorsk. Also Franky Zorn seems very determined to give the Russians a fight for the goldmedal this year. Zorn who has had problems with the Russian conditions has now overcome that issue.

Source: Karina Flyktman

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