onsdag 25 februari 2009

Leauge game: Morgongåva, Funbo

Tonight the race is on at the pitoresque and charming venue called Morgongåva. We would like to name it the most exotic track in Europe. It is short and narrow and the heats are therefor very intense. The leauge is already won by ÖMK Rundbana with Stefan Svensson in charge with SMK Gävle on runners up. That doesn´t stop the other teams from fighting for the 3rd place. Tonight it is Funbo, Strömsund,Finland and Njurunda who are competing. The final score...

Aakko 12
Tommy 14
Palle 4
Nordmark 7
Robert 7

PA 11
Gjersvold 8
Olsén 7
Ringbert 4
Ekström 4

Gösta 6
Jarl 0
Saetre 3
Bertilsson 6
Lundgren 8

Lehtinen 11
Seppänen 2
Vilponen 3
Myrönen 1
Kankonen 2

Source: "Gaisarn"

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