onsdag 18 februari 2009

Win a LADA in Saransk!

Mordovia is a little republic about 600 km east of Moscow. The capitol city is Saransk with 348 thousand inhabitants. They are crazy about ice speedway. Every year they hold an open competition where the winner wins a new car, a LADA. Here are the results of tonights races...

Krasnikov 15, Baseev 14, Bauer 12, Zacharov 11,
Aakko 10, Klabo 9,Luschnikov 8, Bogdanov 7,
Krysov 7, Svensson 6, Gavrilkin 6, Kononov 5,
Flyktman 4, Posa 2,Makarov 2, Holstein 2.

Franky Zorn is reported injured and we try to get an update as soon as possible.

Source: Karina Flyktman

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