måndag 9 mars 2009

Icy Riders in Berlin

Bengt and Markus Skabraut
Bengt and Günther Bauer
Bengt and ex. world champion Dragulin.
Bengt and Johnny Thuinstra
Bengt and russian legendary mechanic, Belanogov.

Icy Riders Weekly was in Berlin to promote the ICY RIDER DVD. Unfortunately for the first time in 32 years Posa was not competing. -Schade and -Tut mir Leid was often heard on the tribunes before the race started. Everybody asked about his hand condition and was hoping to see him next year. Some of course also asked about the medical issue that has been blown out of proportions back in Sweden. The races itself was performed in poor weather. The rain and wind and also some bad crashes slowed down the event. Also the Russians are more dominant than ever, something that in the end can kill all interest in the sport. Icy Riders weekly met some legends at the Horst-Dohm Stadion. One of them was Dragulin who sent his love to Posa. Stefan Svensson was injured yesterday and had to spend the night at the hospital. Nothing serious we hope.

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  1. Bengt, sorry, but is correct so:
    1.Belonogov ("White legs" or "The person c white legs")
    2.Drogalin ("?")