onsdag 11 mars 2009

Posa goes to Assen!

Posa at Hotel DeJonge signing one of the famous sweatshirts by "Plymen".

Breaking news! Posa Serenius is going to Assen to watch the races from the tribune. He will cross his fingers (at least the five on his right hand...) for his colleauges Stefan Svensson and P-A Lindstrom. After just now having talked to Posa on the phone Icy Riders Weekly also can report that his hand still is plastered but that the doctor gave a good prognosis for him to race in the Swedish championships in Uppsala. We all hope the doctors is correct. Finally we are sorry for not having shared the latest Swedish competition results. Due to us being abroad we found it much more easy to let the superb people at www.isracing.net handle the results.

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