onsdag 4 mars 2009

Black day for Posa Serenius

Life ain´t easy being a legend called Posa Serenius at the moment. We spoke to him this morning as he drove to the hospital getting his injured hand looked after. Not only three hurt left hand fingers but also a major damage to the actual hand needs operation. Later during the day one could read a message from FIM saying that he was excluded from the rest of the WC-tournament due to a medical issue. Posa has a well known history of high blood pressure. He had to cancel a race in UFA two years because of this. He takes medicine ordinated by his doctor, the same medicine he has been taken for years. However a paper necessary was not delivered on time and therefor the FIM executives decided to give Posa a reprimand. People with ill will call for doping and accuse Posa of being a cheat. Total nonsense! Posa gave an interview in Allt om MC/race to Per Gustavsson where everything is made clear. You can read it here in Swedish. Assen and Berlin will have to face an event without Posa...It has never ever happened before. Posa however plays it cool and focus on this years great goal. To win his 20th individual Swedish championship. We keep our fingers crossed!

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