måndag 2 mars 2009

Skövde, Kartoffelrennen tonight.

Photo: Frisco
After the dramatic finals in the Swedish championships for teams this weekend where Posa and his teammates from Gävle won with one point up to Funbo the time has come for an International open race called Kartoffelrennen. It takes place in Skövde. As Icy Riders weekly spoke to the arrangers last night there was some problems with the red tape concerning the Russian riders. But they were positive everything would settle today. Viola Brattberg, the lady in charge of the practicalities at the race acts translator as well as stand in mother for the Russian guests. She started studying Russian so she can follow the sport more closely. That´s interest for you! Fantastic.

Startinglist Kartoffelrennen 3 march 2009 kl 19.00 in Skövde at Billingens icetrack.
1. Stefan Svensson SWE 2. Renè Stellingwerf NL 3. Grzegorz Knapp POL 4. Kai Lehtinen FIN 5. Tommy Flyktman FIN 6. Stanislav Archipov RUS 7. Stefan Pletschacher GER 8. Per Bruhn SWE 9. Eduard Krisow RUS 10. Andreas Forsell SWE 11. Sven Holstein NL 12. Peter Koij SWE 13. Per-Anders Lindström SWE 14. Per-Olof Serenius SWE Qual.heat: 19. Fredrik Johansson SWE 20. Hans Weber GER 21. Jo Saetre NOR
22. Mark Uzzel

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