söndag 29 mars 2009

Posa, undisputed champion 2009!

Posa in triumph at Uppsala, Studenternas IP after having won his 20th
Swedish individual iceracing championship.

The amazing Posa Serenius did it again. The taste of revenge is sweet and after the first heats at Studenternas in Uppsala there was no doubt who was going to be the winner. Posa was radiant eventhough his left hand was swollen, sore and heavily reduced in capacity. In fact he was so determined and focused on winning his 20th Swedish championship that he had put Russian champagne on ice back in his van. Stefan Svensson couldn´t make it and we missed out on the annual classic fight between the two. However, motorsport history was written once again and IRW bow their heads in admiration. Also we would like to thank all the spectators who came and talked to us about the film and gave us praise. It means more than a lot! 7000 showed up and we hope that Icy Riders contributed a bit to that number.

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