måndag 16 mars 2009

The dark season...

Injured swedish icy riders! Tobias Åström,
Posa Serenius, Gösta Sundelin and Stefan Svensson in Assen.

The season of 2008/09 is to be remembered as one of the least successful ones. Everybody got hurt and the finals belonged to the outstanding Nikolai Krasnikov who now have 5 WC-titles in a row. Assen this year was a disatster for the Swedes. At the open race (Roelof Thijs Bokaal) on friday both swedes got their hands injured. Gösta Sundelin who had two straight 3-pointers ran into Tobias Åström. Stefan Svensson who was involved in a serious crash in Berlin (one of several) tried to do some laps during practice on friday morning but gave up. The pain was too great. Other riders who ended up hurt was Vitali Khomitsevich, Harald Simon (rode with both hands in plaster!!), Johnny Tuinstra (broken collarbone). We look forward to the closing events on swedish ice instead and no more injuries.

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