onsdag 18 mars 2009

Who is who?

From the left: Bertil Andersson, Posa Serenius, Sture "Stursken",
Bertil Dedring, Erik Stenlund, Yngve Nilsson, Agnar Stenlund, unknown.

The picture above has become very popular and works like a mascot for ICY RIDERS. Many readers ask for the people on it and its history. Originally we found it in Posas private photocollection and he could not quite remember when it was taken. After having investigated the matter during our European visit last couple of weeks we know as much that it is taken in 1984. Some say in Inzell, others somewhere in Sweden. If you can fill us in on the name of the guy in the red dress and the surname of "stursken" we would be very pleased.

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