onsdag 4 mars 2009

Russian wins Kartoffelrennen

Attendancy record and 1200 people had come to see Posa and the others compete for the Kartoffelrennen trophy at Billingen in Skövde last night. The oval track is very short and the tempo was intense. Unfortunately Posa had to stop after his first heat as he had a crash. Usualy nothing stops this grand old man but a splintered finger and another one in bad condition put a stop to the evening. Instead Stefan Svensson and Peter Koij had a good night and made it to the A-finals with the russian duo Archipov and Krisow. Krisow won after the second start as Peter Koij was disqualified. The weather conditions were perfect and we also had the pleasure to sell the Icy Riders DVD-edition for the first time. It is great fun to respond and listen to the people who really enjoy this sport.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vad hände med Posa då? Vissa säger att fingrarna gick ur led, vissa att dom gick av.........?

  2. Like it says in the text..Splintered finger and another one in bad condition..
    All the best,
    The editor